Rogue Bay Fishing Fast Approaching!

2022 promises to be another good year for chinook salmon entering the Rogue River bay. These hard fighting, silvery fish begin entering the bay in July and continue until early October.  Call Ron at 541 425 1318 to schedule your trip.

One thought on “Rogue Bay Fishing Fast Approaching!”

  1. Hi Ron,

    I’m a fly fisherman from Montana who just moved to Roseburg. I’m looking to catch a few of these Springers I keep hearing about! Gear is fine, I just want to catch fish.

    I’m a forester and sell seedlings for reforestation. I like to take my customers fishing and want to give you a try.

    When’s your next few openings for late Apr-Late May?

    Do you happen to do spey trips, or other flyfishing?


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