Tidewater Chinook Season Just Around The Corner!!!

Big, bright chinook salmon will begin streaming into the Rogue River within the next month. These hard fighting fish average around 20# with a few up to 40#! The action continues through September with the peak from mid August thru mid September. In mid August the Coquille River, just north of the Rogue, begins to get it’s run of these beautiful fish. Plan your trip soon as it starts to get very busy in the next few weeks.

On a related note, the ocean salmon fishing off southern Oregon is closed this summer to protect the Klamath River and Sacramento River fish that make their way down our coastline. All the rivers and bays in southern Oregon are open for fishing as usual. In fact, the ocean closure should make the river fishing better since no salmon will be harvested before they enter their home river. Tight Lines in ’17!!