Springers Have Arrived!!

The first springers of the season have been taken in the past few weeks from tidewater up river over 20 miles. But this is just the beginning. From now through early June these big, hard fighting fish will be pouring into the Rogue. The peak of the run will be from mid April to mid May. I fish this run out of a covered, heated boat so even if it”s wet or cool, we can keep comfortable.

For those unlucky anglers that didn’t make it up to the Rogue last summer, you missed out! We had what most people called the best fishing in the last 15-20 years. From late July until late September the fish just kept coming. As usual, my best fishing was from mid August until mid September but most of the season was excellent! Another good run is projected for this coming season. If you couldn’t make it last year be sure to give me a call and come fishing in 2018.